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ISO_4217_A ISO_4217_A
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HypertextLink (HypertextLink) holidayTimeInArea (holiday time in area)
Hypothalamus (hypothalamus) home (home)
IACOAirlineCode (IACO airline code) homeAddress (home address)
IATAAirlineCode (IATA airline code) homePage (homepage)
IDeviceButton (IDeviceButton) homePhoneNumber (homePhoneNumber)
IDeviceHomeButton (home button) hopes (hopes)
IEBrowser (IE) hostJitter (host jitter)
IMFDevelopmentLevel (IMF development level) hostOf (host of)
IOCOrder (IOC order) hostStatus (host status)
IPAddress (IP address) hostedOn (hosted on)
ISBNcode (ISBNcode) hostileForces (hostile forces)
ISMN (ISMN) hotSeasonInArea (hot season in area)
ISO-3166-1-alpha-2 (ISO-3166-1-alpha-2) humanCapacity (human capacity)
ISO-4217-A (ISO-4217-A) humanName (humanName)
ISO-639-1 (ISO-639-1) husband (husband)
ISO_4217_A iSO_4217_A
ISRC (ISRC) identicalListItems (identical list items)
ITAgent (IT agent) identityElement (identity element)
ITProcess (IT process) ideologicalAffiliationOfOrganization (ideological affiliation of organization)
IapamaLanguage (iapama language) illicitDrugConsumer (illicit drug consumer)
IberianBasedCreoleLanguage (iberian based creole language) illicitDrugProducer (illicit drug producer)
IberianCuisine (Iberian Cuisine) illicitDrugShipmentDestination (illicit drug shipment destination)
IberoRomanceLanguage (ibero romance language) illicitDrugTransshipmentPoint (illicit drug transshipment point)
IbsrilIraq (ibsril iraq) imageResolution (image resolution)
IbuLanguage (ibu language) immediateInstance (immediate instance)
Ice (ice) immediateSubclass (immediate subclass)
IceBreakerShip (ice breaker ship) importCommodityType (import commodity type)
IceCreamAndFrozenDessertManufacturing (ice cream and frozen dessert manufacturing) importCommodityTypeByRank (import commodity type by rank)
IceHockey (IceHockey) importPartner (import partner)
IceHockeyPlayer (IceHockeyPlayer) importPartnerByFraction (import partner by fraction)
IceMachine (ice machine) importPartnerByFractionInPeriod (import partner by fraction in period)
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