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Sigma KEE - temporallyBetween

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation temporallyBetween ChineseLanguage "(temporallyBetween ?POINT1 ?POINT2 ?POINT3)的意思是 TimePoint ?POINT2 位于 TimePoint ?POINT1 和 ?POINT3 之间,即是 ?POINT1 在?POINT2 之前,而 ?POINT2 在 ?POINT3 之前。") Merge.kif 8307-8309
(documentation temporallyBetween EnglishLanguage "(temporallyBetween ?POINT1 ?POINT2 ?POINT3) means that the TimePoint ?POINT2 is between the TimePoints ?POINT1 and ?POINT3, i.e. ?POINT1 is before ?POINT2 and ?POINT2 is before ?POINT3.") Merge.kif 8303-8306
(domain temporallyBetween 1 TimePoint) Merge.kif 8300-8300
(domain temporallyBetween 2 TimePoint) Merge.kif 8301-8301
(domain temporallyBetween 3 TimePoint) Merge.kif 8302-8302
(instance temporallyBetween PartialValuedRelation) Merge.kif 8298-8298
(instance temporallyBetween TemporalRelation) Merge.kif 8296-8296
(instance temporallyBetween TernaryPredicate) Merge.kif 8297-8297
(subrelation temporallyBetween temporallyBetweenOrEqual) Merge.kif 8299-8299

appearance as argument number 2

(format ChineseLanguage temporallyBetween "时间%2 %n 是在时间 %1 和 时间 %3 between") chinese_format.kif 427-427
(format EnglishLanguage temporallyBetween "%2 is %n between %1 and %3") english_format.kif 258-258
(format FrenchLanguage temporallyBetween "%2 est %n entre %1 et %3") french_format.kif 248-248
(format ItalianLanguage temporallyBetween "%2 is %n tra %1 e %3") relations-it.txt 294-294
(format PortugueseLanguage temporallyBetween "%2 e' %n entre %1 e %3") portuguese_format.kif 200-200
(format ar temporallyBetween "%2 هو %n بَيْنَ %1 و %3") arabic_format.kif 182-182
(format cz temporallyBetween "%2 %p{je} %n{nen�} between %1 and %3") relations-cz.txt 253-253
(format de temporallyBetween "%2 ist zwischen %1 und %3") relations-de.txt 556-556
(format hi temporallyBetween "%2 %1 aura %3 ke biicha men %n hai") relations-hindi.txt 330-330
(format tg temporallyBetween "%2 %n ay sa pagitan ng %1 at %3") relations-tg.txt 486-486
(termFormat ChineseLanguage temporallyBetween "在两个时间之间") chinese_format.kif 428-428
(termFormat EnglishLanguage temporallyBetween "temporally between") domainEnglishFormat.kif 10001-10001
(termFormat ar temporallyBetween "«بَيْنَ»") arabic_format.kif 632-632


    (temporallyBetween ?POINT1 ?POINT2 ?POINT3)
        (before ?POINT1 ?POINT2)
        (before ?POINT2 ?POINT3)))
Merge.kif 8311-8315


        (instance ?POINT TimePoint)
            (equal ?POINT NegativeInfinity)))
    (exists (?OTHERPOINT)
        (temporallyBetween NegativeInfinity ?OTHERPOINT ?POINT)))
Merge.kif 8054-8059
        (instance ?POINT TimePoint)
            (equal ?POINT PositiveInfinity)))
    (exists (?OTHERPOINT)
        (temporallyBetween ?POINT ?OTHERPOINT PositiveInfinity)))
Merge.kif 8035-8040

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