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Sigma KEE - industryProductType

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation industryProductType EnglishLanguage "(industryProductType ?INDUSTRY ?TYPE) means that organizations with the IndustryAttribute ?INDUSTRY produce products of the kind ?TYPE.") Economy.kif 1607-1609
(domain industryProductType 1 IndustryAttribute) Economy.kif 1604-1604
(domainSubclass industryProductType 2 Object) Economy.kif 1605-1605
(instance industryProductType BinaryPredicate) Economy.kif 1603-1603

appearance as argument number 2

(format EnglishLanguage industryProductType "%2 is %n an industry product type of %1") domainEnglishFormat.kif 338-338
(termFormat EnglishLanguage industryProductType "industry product type") domainEnglishFormat.kif 5403-5403


        (industryProductType ?INDUSTRY ?TYPE)
        (instance ?INDUSTRY IndustryAttribute)
        (instance ?BUSINESS Organization)
        (attribute ?BUSINESS ?INDUSTRY))
    (organizationProductType ?BUSINESS ?TYPE))
Economy.kif 1637-1643
        (instance ?ORG Organization)
        (attribute ?ORG ?INDUSTRY)
        (industryProductType ?INDUSTRY ?TYPE))
    (exists (?EVENT ?ITEM)
            (instance ?EVENT Making)
            (instance ?ITEM ?TYPE)
            (agent ?EVENT ?ORG)
            (result ?EVENT ?ITEM))))
Economy.kif 1611-1621

appearance as argument number 0

(industryProductType AircraftManufacturing Aircraft) Economy.kif 1702-1702
(industryProductType AluminaRefining Alumina) Economy.kif 1705-1705
(industryProductType AsphaltPavingRoofingAndSaturatedMaterialsManufacturing Asphalt) Economy.kif 1850-1850
(industryProductType AutomobileManufacturing Automobile) Economy.kif 1709-1709
(industryProductType BarleyFarming BarleyGrain) Economy.kif 5054-5054
(industryProductType CattleRanchingAndFarming Cattle) Economy.kif 5083-5083
(industryProductType CementManufacturing Cement) Economy.kif 1712-1712
(industryProductType CerealGrainFarming CerealGrain) Economy.kif 5036-5036
(industryProductType CoalMining Coal) Economy.kif 1720-1720
(industryProductType ConcretePipeBrickAndBlockManufacturing Concrete) Economy.kif 4781-4781
(industryProductType CopperOreMining CopperOre) Economy.kif 1733-1733
(industryProductType CornFarming MaizeGrain) Economy.kif 5042-5042
(industryProductType CottonFarming Cotton) Economy.kif 5089-5089
(industryProductType CrudePetroleumExtraction Petroleum) Economy.kif 1847-1847
(industryProductType ElectricalPowerGeneration Electricity) Economy.kif 4610-4610
(industryProductType FabricMills Fabric) Economy.kif 1890-1890
(industryProductType FertilizerMineralMining Fertilizer) Economy.kif 1745-1745
(industryProductType FoodManufacturing
    (FoodForFn Animal))
Economy.kif 1748-1748
(industryProductType FootwearManufacturing Shoe) Economy.kif 1753-1753
(industryProductType ForestryAndLogging Timber) Economy.kif 1783-1783
(industryProductType FruitFarming Fruit) Economy.kif 5073-5073
(industryProductType FurnitureManufacturing Furniture) Economy.kif 1760-1760
(industryProductType GoatFarming Goat) Economy.kif 5085-5085
(industryProductType HogAndPigFarming Pork) Economy.kif 5086-5086
(industryProductType IndustrialSandMining Sand) Economy.kif 1809-1809

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