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TelevisionStationCompany TelevisionStationCompany
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TelephoneApparatusManufacturing (telephone apparatus manufacturing) tTest (t test result)
TelephoneCallCenters (telephone call centers) tags (tags)
TelephoneCommunication (telephone communication) tangent (tangent)
TelephoneCradle (telephone cradle) targetInAttack (target in attack)
TelephoneHandset (telephone handset) task (task)
TelephoneLine (telephone line) taskRelation (task relation)
TelephoneSystem (telephone system) taxDeferredIncome (tax deferred income)
Telephoning (telephoning) teacher (teacher)
TelephonyDevice (TelephonyDevice) telecomAreaCode (telecomAreaCode)
TeleproductionAndOtherPostproductionServices (teleproduction and other postproduction services) telecomCode2 (telecomCode2)
TelevisionBroadcasting (television broadcasting) telecomContactDevice (telecomContactDevice)
TelevisionBroadcastingIndustry (TelevisionBroadcastingIndustry) telecomCoreNumber (telecomCoreNumber)
TelevisionReceiver (television) telecomCountryCode (telecomCountryCode)
TelevisionSet (television set) telecomExtension (telecomExtension)
TelevisionStation (television station) telephoneNumber (telephone number)
TelevisionStationCompany televisionStationCompany
TelevisionSystem (television system) temporalPart (temporal part)
Telex (telex) temporallyBetween (temporally between)
TellingALie (tellingA lie) temporallyBetweenOrEqual (temporally between or equal)
Tellurium (tellurium) tenant (tenant)
TeluguLanguage (TeluguLanguage) termFormat (term format)
TemacineTamazightLanguage (temacine tamazight language) termLength (term length)
TemperateClimateZone (temperate climate zone) terrainInArea (terrain in area)
TemperateHardwoodForest (temperate hardwood forest) third (third)
TemperateRainForest (temperate rain forest) thresholdOf (threshold of)
TemperateSummerDryClimateZone (temperate summer dry climate zone) time (time)
TemperateWinterDryClimateZone (temperate winter dry climate zone) titleInLanguage (titleInLanguage)
TemperatureAttribute (temperature attribute) titles (titles)
TemperatureControl (temperature control) top (top)
TemperatureMeasure (temperature measure) topSpeed (topSpeed)
TemporalCompositionFn (temporal composition) total (total)
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