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Sigma KEE - MechanicalNut

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation MechanicalNut EnglishLanguage "Any object with threads designed to mate with those of a Bolt. This includes any large object with a region that functions as a nut. However, it does not include regions of objects where a screw has created a threaded area and where typically therefore the material is soft enough that retracting and reinserting a screw may create a different thread pattern. This can also be contrasted with regions that are created to be nuts by the use of a MechanicalTap and MechanicalDie set.") Cars.kif 4148-4153
(subclass MechanicalNut AttachingDevice) Cars.kif 4146-4146

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage MechanicalNut "nut") Cars.kif 4147-4147


    (instance ?MT MechanicalDie)
    (hasPurpose ?MT
        (exists (?M ?N)
                (instance ?M Making)
                (instance ?N MechanicalNut)
                (instrument ?M ?MT)
                (result ?M ?N)))))
Cars.kif 4183-4191

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