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Hotel-Organization Hotel-Organization
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HorseRiding (horse riding) holdsObligation (holds obligation)
Horsepower (horsepower) holdsRight (holds right)
Hose (hose) hole (hole)
HosieryAndSockMills (hosiery and sock mills) holidayTimeInArea (holiday time in area)
HospitalBuilding (hospital building) home (home)
HospitalChapel (HospitalChapel) homeAddress (home address)
HospitalOrganization (hospital organization) homePage (homepage)
Hospitals (hospitals) homePhoneNumber (homePhoneNumber)
HostDown (host down) hopes (hopes)
HostNation (host nation) hostJitter (host jitter)
HostReady (host ready) hostOf (host of)
HostageTaking (hostage taking) hostStatus (host status)
HotTemperature (hot) hostedOn (hosted on)
HotTub (hot tub) hostileForces (hostile forces)
HotWaterHeater (hot water heater) hotSeasonInArea (hot season in area)
Hotel-Organization hotel-Organization
HotelBuilding (hotel) humanCapacity (human capacity)
HotelFrontDesk (front desk) humanName (humanName)
HotelFunctionRoom (hotel function room) husband (husband)
HotelLevelAttribute (HotelLevelAttribute) identicalListItems (identical list items)
HotelMiniBar (mini bar) identityElement (identity element)
HotelPackage (hotel package) ideologicalAffiliationOfOrganization (ideological affiliation of organization)
HotelRating (HotelRating) illicitDrugConsumer (illicit drug consumer)
HotelReservation (hotel reservation) illicitDrugProducer (illicit drug producer)
HotelRoom (hotel room) illicitDrugShipmentDestination (illicit drug shipment destination)
HotelRoomAttribute (hotel room attribute) illicitDrugTransshipmentPoint (illicit drug transshipment point)
HotelUnit (hotel unit) imageResolution (image resolution)
HotelVilla (hotel villa) immediateInstance (immediate instance)
HotelsExceptCasinoHotelsAndMotels (hotels except casino hotels and motels) immediateSubclass (immediate subclass)
Hour (hour) importCommodityType (import commodity type)
HourDuration (hour duration) importCommodityTypeByRank (import commodity type by rank)
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