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Sigma KEE - FloorFn

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation FloorFn ChineseLanguage "(FloorFn ?NUMBER) 得出小于或等于 RealNumber ?NUMBER 的最大 Integer。") Merge.kif 4979-4980
(documentation FloorFn EnglishLanguage "(FloorFn ?NUMBER) returns the largest Integer less than or equal to the RealNumber ?NUMBER.") Merge.kif 4977-4978
(domain FloorFn 1 RealNumber) Merge.kif 4975-4975
(instance FloorFn TotalValuedRelation) Merge.kif 4974-4974
(instance FloorFn UnaryFunction) Merge.kif 4973-4973
(range FloorFn Integer) Merge.kif 4976-4976

appearance as argument number 2

(format ChineseLanguage FloorFn "取 %1 的底整数") chinese_format.kif 698-698
(format EnglishLanguage FloorFn "the largest integer less than or equal to %1") english_format.kif 433-433
(format FrenchLanguage FloorFn "le plus grand nombre entier inf�rieur ou �gal � %1") french_format.kif 422-422
(format ItalianLanguage FloorFn "the il maggior numero intero minore o uguale a %1") relations-it.txt 112-112
(format PortugueseLanguage FloorFn "o maior numero inteiro menor or igual a %1") portuguese_format.kif 374-374
(format de FloorFn "die groesste Ganzzahl kleiner als oder Gleichgestelltes zu %1") relations-de.txt 911-911
(format hi FloorFn "%1 se choTaa yaa baraabara sabase badaa puurNaanka") relations-hindi.txt 152-152
(format tg FloorFn "ang sakdal malaki numero menos o pareho sa %1") relations-tg.txt 234-234
(termFormat ChineseLanguage FloorFn "底整数函数") chinese_format.kif 699-699
(termFormat EnglishLanguage FloorFn "floor") domainEnglishFormat.kif 4465-4465
(termFormat tg FloorFn "tungkulin ng sahig") relations-tg.txt 235-235


        (RemainderFn ?NUMBER1 ?NUMBER2) ?NUMBER)
                    (DivisionFn ?NUMBER1 ?NUMBER2)) ?NUMBER2) ?NUMBER) ?NUMBER1))
Merge.kif 5248-5250

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