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Sigma KEE - BowlingBall

appearance as argument number 1

(defaultMaximumMeasure BowlingBall
    (MeasureFn 16 PoundMass))
DimensioningAmenities.kif 974-974
(defaultMaximumSphereRadius BowlingBall
    (MeasureFn 4.3 Inch))
DimensioningAmenities.kif 976-976
(defaultMinimumMeasure BowlingBall
    (MeasureFn 2 PoundMass))
DimensioningAmenities.kif 973-973
(defaultMinimumSphereRadius BowlingBall
    (MeasureFn 2.25 Inch))
DimensioningAmenities.kif 975-975
(documentation BowlingBall EnglishLanguage "BowlingBall refers to a type of Ball used in Bowling. It normally has 3 Hole where somebody would put his fingers to hold it") Sports.kif 970-972
(subclass BowlingBall Ball) Sports.kif 969-969

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage BowlingBall "bowling ball") Sports.kif 973-973


    (instance ?B BowlingBall)
    (exists (?HOLES)
            (instance ?HOLES Collection)
            (memberType ?HOLES Hole)
            (memberCount ?HOLES 3)
            (located ?HOLES ?B)
            (hasPurpose ?HOLES
                (exists (?FINGER)
                        (member ?FINGER ?HOLES)
                        (instance ?FINGER Finger)
                        (partiallyFills ?FINGER ?HOLE)))))))
Sports.kif 975-988


    (instance ?B Bowling)
    (exists (?BALL ?TRANS ?LANE)
            (instance ?TRANS Translocation)
            (instance ?BALL BowlingBall)
            (patient ?TRANS ?BALL)
            (instance ?LANE BowlingLane)
            (path ?TRANS ?LANE)
            (subProcess ?TRANS ?B))))
Sports.kif 957-966
    (instance ?BL BowlingLane)
    (hasPurpose ?BL
        (exists (?TR ?BALL)
                (instance ?TR Translocation)
                (instance ?BALL BowlingBall)
                (patient ?TR ?BALL)
                (path ?TR ?BL)))))
Sports.kif 996-1004

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