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Sigma KEE - AppraisalAsJustTreatment

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation AppraisalAsJustTreatment EnglishLanguage "An appraisal which represents an evaluation that the person was treated justly by another person.") emotion.kif 367-369
(subAttribute AppraisalAsJustTreatment AppraisalOfJusticeOfTreatment) emotion.kif 362-362

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsJustTreatment "appraisal as just treatment") emotion.kif 365-366
(utterance EnglishLanguage AppraisalAsJustTreatment "I am being treated justly") emotion.kif 363-364

appearance as argument number 3

(exhaustiveAttribute AppraisalOfJusticeOfTreatment AppraisalAsUnjustTreatment AppraisalAsJustTreatment) emotion.kif 337-338


        (instance ?AJT AppraisalAsJustTreatment)
        (agent ?AJT ?A))
    (exists (?P ?A2)
            (instance ?P Process)
            (refers ?AJT ?P)
            (agent ?P ?A2)
                (equal ?A ?A2))
            (patient ?P ?A)
            (wants ?A ?P))))
emotion.kif 371-383

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