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Sigma KEE - AnimalLanguage
AnimalLanguageاِتِّصال حيواني,

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation AnimalLanguage ChineseLanguage "这是除了 Human 以外 Animal 所用的 Languagesubclass。 ") Merge.kif 1438-1439
(documentation AnimalLanguage EnglishLanguage "The subclass of Languages used by Animals other than Humans.") Merge.kif 1436-1437
(subclass AnimalLanguage Language) Merge.kif 1435-1435

appearance as argument number 2

(disjointDecomposition Language AnimalLanguage HumanLanguage ComputerLanguage) Merge.kif 1427-1427
(termFormat ChineseLanguage AnimalLanguage "兽语") chinese_format.kif 840-840
(termFormat EnglishLanguage AnimalLanguage "animal language") english_format.kif 527-527
(termFormat FrenchLanguage AnimalLanguage "langage animal") french_format.kif 516-516
(termFormat Hindi AnimalLanguage "pashubhaashaa") terms-hindi.txt 47-47
(termFormat ItalianLanguage AnimalLanguage "LinguaggioAnimale") terms-it.txt 48-48
(termFormat PortugueseLanguage AnimalLanguage "Linguagem Animal") portuguese_format.kif 468-468
(termFormat ar AnimalLanguage "لُغَة حَيَوَانِيَّة") arabic_format.kif 252-252
(termFormat cb AnimalLanguage "hayup pinulongan") terms-cb.txt 52-52
(termFormat cz AnimalLanguage "animal language") terms-cz.txt 83-83
(termFormat tg AnimalLanguage "wika sa hayop") terms-tg.txt 51-51


        (instance ?LANG AnimalLanguage)
        (agent ?PROC ?AGENT)
        (instrument ?PROC ?LANG))
        (instance ?AGENT Animal)
            (instance ?AGENT Human))))
Merge.kif 1441-1448

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