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BeverageArtifact BeverageArtifact
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Beryllium (beryllium) barometricPressure (barometric pressure)
BesselsEquation (bessels equation) basedIn (basedIn)
BestMatchAlgorithm (best match sort) batchInterArrival (batch inter arrival)
BestOffering (best offer) batchLatency (batch latency)
BetLeHiyehGazaStrip (bet le hiyeh gaza strip) before (before)
BetLidJunctionIsrael (bet lid junction israel) beforeOnPath (beforeOnPath)
BetafLanguage (betaf language) beforeOrEqual (before or equal)
BetawiLanguage (betawi language) beforeTaxIncome (before tax income)
BeteLanguage (bete language) beliefGroupPercentInRegion (beliefGroupPercentInRegion)
BethElIsrael (beth el israel) believes (believes)
BethlehemWestBank (bethlehem west bank) benchmark (benchmark)
Betting (betting) benchmarkPerformance (benchmark performance)
BevelGear (bevel gear) benefits (benefits)
Beverage (beverage) between (between)
BeverageAndTobaccoProductManufacturing (beverage and tobacco product manufacturing) betweenOnPath (before on path)
BeverageArtifact beverageArtifact
BeverageManufacturing (beverage manufacturing) bidPrice (bid price)
BeverageMenu (drinks menu) biochemicalAgentAntidote (biochemical agent antidote)
BhatolaLanguage (bhatola language) biochemicalAgentDelivery (biochemical agent delivery)
BhilLanguage (bhil language) biochemicalAgentSyndrome (biochemical agent syndrome)
Bhutan (bhutan) bioindicatorForHabitat (bioindicator for habitat)
BhutaneseNgultrum (bhutanese ngultrum) biologicalAgentCarrier (biological agent carrier)
BicameralLegislature (bicameral legislature) birthdate (birthdate)
Bicycle (bicycle) birthday (birthday)
BidCountFn (bid count) birthplace (birthplace)
Bidding (bidding) boilingPoint (boiling point)
Bidet (bidet) bondRating (bond rating)
BidyaWestBank (bidya west bank) borrower (borrower)
BigBandMusic (big band music) bottom (bottom)
BigSeven (big seven) brandIcon (brand icon)
BigSix (big six) broker (broker)
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