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Sigma KEE - ISO-639-1

appearance as argument number 1

(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "aa" AfarLanguage) Languages.kif 14725-14725 "aa" in ISO-639-1 denotes AfarLanguage
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "ab" AbkhazLanguage) Languages.kif 14726-14726 "ab" in ISO-639-1 denotes AbkhazLanguage
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "ae" AvestanLanguage) Languages.kif 14789-14789 "ae" in ISO-639-1 denotes AvestanLanguage
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "af" AfrikaansLanguage) Languages.kif 14697-14697 "af" in ISO-639-1 denotes afrikaans language
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "ak" AkanLanguage) Languages.kif 14727-14727 "ak" in ISO-639-1 denotes AkanLanguage
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "am" AmharicLanguage) Languages.kif 14785-14785 "am" in ISO-639-1 denotes AmharicLanguage
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "an" AragoneseLanguage) Languages.kif 14729-14729 "an" in ISO-639-1 denotes aragonese language
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "ar" ArabicLanguage) Languages.kif 14786-14786 "ar" in ISO-639-1 denotes ArabicLanguage
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "as" AssameseLanguage) Languages.kif 14787-14787 "as" in ISO-639-1 denotes AssameseLanguage
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "av" AvarLanguage) Languages.kif 14788-14788 "av" in ISO-639-1 denotes AvarLanguage
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "ay" AymaranLanguage) Languages.kif 14731-14731 "ay" in ISO-639-1 denotes aymaran language
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "az" AzerbaijaniLanguage) Languages.kif 14790-14790 "az" in ISO-639-1 denotes AzerbaijaniLanguage
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "ba" BashkirLanguage) Languages.kif 14791-14791 "ba" in ISO-639-1 denotes BashkirLanguage
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "be" BelarusanLanguage) Languages.kif 14733-14733 "be" in ISO-639-1 denotes belarusan language
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "bg" BulgarianLanguage) Languages.kif 14736-14736 "bg" in ISO-639-1 denotes bulgarian language
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "bh" BihariLanguage) Languages.kif 14794-14794 "bh" in ISO-639-1 denotes BihariLanguage
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "bi" BislamaLanguage) Languages.kif 14734-14734 "bi" in ISO-639-1 denotes bislama language
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "bm" BambaraLanguage) Languages.kif 14792-14792 "bm" in ISO-639-1 denotes BambaraLanguage
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "bn" BengaliLanguage) Languages.kif 14793-14793 "bn" in ISO-639-1 denotes BengaliLanguage
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "bo" TibetanLanguage) Languages.kif 14795-14795 "bo" in ISO-639-1 denotes TibetanLanguage
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "br" BretonLanguage) Languages.kif 14735-14735 "br" in ISO-639-1 denotes breton language
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "bs" BosnianLanguage) Languages.kif 14796-14796 "bs" in ISO-639-1 denotes BosnianLanguage
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "ca" CatalanValencianBalearLanguage) Languages.kif 14737-14737 "ca" in ISO-639-1 denotes catalan valencian balear language
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "ce" ChechenLanguage) Languages.kif 14799-14799 "ce" in ISO-639-1 denotes ChechenLanguage
(codeMapping ISO-639-1 "ch" ChamorroLanguage) Languages.kif 14798-14798 "ch" in ISO-639-1 denotes ChamorroLanguage

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    (codeMapping ISO-639-1 ?TOKEN ?X)
    (instance ?TOKEN SymbolicString))
Languages.kif 14693-14695
    (codeMapping ISO-639-1 ?TOKEN ?X)
        (instance ?X HumanLanguage)
        (subclass ?X HumanLanguage)))
Languages.kif 14683-14687
    (codeMapping ISO-639-1 ?TOKEN ?X)
    (stringLength 2 ?TOKEN))
Languages.kif 14689-14691

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