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Rural riskLevel
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RubberAndPlasticsHosesAndBeltingManufacturing (rubber and plastics hoses and belting manufacturing) reservationEnd (reservationEnd)
RubberProductManufacturing (rubber product manufacturing) reservationStart (reservationStart)
RubberProductManufacturingForMechanicalUse (rubber product manufacturing for mechanical use) reservePrice (reserve Price)
Rubidium (rubidium) reservedPackage (reserved package)
Rug (rug) reservedRoom (reserved room)
Rugby (Rugby) reservingEntity (reservingEntity)
RugbyBall (RugbyBall) resonantFrequency (resonantFrequency)
RugbyPlayer (RugbyPlayer) resource (resource)
RugbyTeam (RugbyTeam) resourceExhausted (resourceExhausted)
RuhengeriRwanda (ruhengeri rwanda) resourceUsed (resource used)
Rum (Rum) responseRate (response rate)
Runabout (runabout) responseTime (response time)
Running (running) result (result)
RunningTrack (running track) resultType (result type)
Runway (runway) rewards (rewards)
Rural riskLevel
Rural (rural) riskLevel (risk level)
Russia (russia) riskTolerance (risk tolerance)
RussianAleutMixedLanguage (russian aleut mixed language) roleAppointsRole (role appoints role)
RussianCuisine (Russian Cuisine) roleApprovesRole (role approves role)
RussianEthnicity (russian ethnicity) roleNominatesRole (role nominates role)
RussianLanguage (russian language) roomAmenity (room amenity)
RussianRuble (russian ruble) roomAttribute (room attribute)
RussianSignLanguage (russian sign language) roomPolicy (room policy)
RusynLanguage (rusyn language) roomStay (room stay)
Ruthenium (ruthenium) routeBetween (route between)
Rwanda (rwanda) routeEnd (routeEnd)
RwandaFranc (rwanda franc) routeInSystem (route in system)
RyeFarming (rye farming) routeStart (routeStart)
RyeGrain (rye grain) runningOn (running on)
RyukyuanLanguage (ryukyuan language) runsOn (runs on)
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