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PurisimoLanguage prohibits
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PumpAndPumpingEquipmentManufacturing (pump and pumping equipment manufacturing) priority (priority)
Punching (punching) processAborted (process aborted)
Punishing (punishing) processID (processID)
PunjabPakistan (punjab pakistan) processInclusion (process inclusion)
PunkRockMusic (punk rock) processList (process list)
Puppy (Puppy) produced (produced)
PuquinaLanguage (puquina language) producedOn (produced on)
PurchaseContract (purchase contract) productBrand (product brand)
PurchaseOrder (PurchaseOrder) productModel (product model)
PurchaseOrderNumber (PurchaseOrderNumber) productOfAnimal (productOfAnimal)
PureCapitalistEconomy (pure capitalist economy) productPrice (product price)
PureSocialistEconomy (pure socialist economy) profit (profit)
PureSubstance (pure substance) programCopy (program copy)
PureTwopole (pure twopole) programRunning (program running)
PurepechaLanguage (purepecha language) prohibitedItem (prohibited item)
PurisimoLanguage prohibits
PurisimoLanguage (purisimo language) prohibits (prohibits)
Purple (purple) properPart (proper part)
Pursuing (pursuing) properlyFills (properly fills)
PusherTug (pusher tug) property (property)
Pushing (pushing) propertyAmenity (property amenity)
PutOption (put option) propertyPolicy (property policy)
Putting (putting) propositionOwner (proposition owner)
PuttingGreen (putting green) prosecutor (prosecutor)
Pwm (pwm) protocolForConnector (protocolForConnector)
PyreneanLanguage (pyrenean language) protonNumber (proton number)
PyreneanMozarabicLanguage (pyrenean mozarabic language) providesDestination (provides destination)
Pyrethrum (pyrethrum) publishedPrice (published price)
PyridostigmineBromide (pyridostigmine bromide) publishes (publishes)
PyuGroupLanguage (pyu group language) punishes (punishes)
PyuLanguage (pyu language) purchasesPerPeriod (purchases per period)
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