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DagestanRussia daylightHoursTotal
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Czechoslovakia (czechoslovakia) cylinderBore (cylinderBore)
D-Rating (d- rating) dailyLimit (daily limit)
DCPowerSource (DC power source) dampingRatio (dampingRatio)
DDT (DDT) dataID (dataID)
DHCPProgram (DHCPProgram) dataProcessed (data processed)
DHCPProtocol (DHCP) dataStreamSlack (data stream slack)
DHCPServer (DHCP server) date (date)
DNAMolecule (DNA molecule) dateDissolved (date dissolved)
DNAPolymerase (DNA polymerase) dateEstablished (date established)
DNAVirus (DNA virus) dateOfStatement (date of statement)
DOCFile (DOCFile) dateOpenedForSignature (date opened for signature)
DVD (DVD) dateUsed (date used)
DVDDrive (DVDDrive) daughter (daughter)
DVDSystem (dvd player) dayPhone (day phone)
Dachshund (Dachshund) daylightHoursInterval (daylight hours interval)
DagestanRussia daylightHoursTotal
DagestanRussia (dagestan russia) daylightHoursTotal (daylight hours total)
DahukIraq (dahuk iraq) deathdate (deathdate)
Daikon (Daikon) deathplace (deathplace)
DailyHousekeepingPolicy (daily housekeeping) deceptiveIdentifier (deceptive identifier)
DairyArtifact (dairy product) decreasesLikelihood (decreases likelihood)
DairyCattleAndMilkProduction (dairy cattle and milk production) defaultMaxValue (defaultMaxValue)
DairyProductExceptDriedOrCannedWholesalers (dairy product except dried or canned wholesalers) defaultMaximumHeight (default maximum height)
DairyProductExceptFrozenManufacturing (dairy product except frozen manufacturing) defaultMaximumLength (default maximum length)
DairyProductManufacturing (dairy product manufacturing) defaultMaximumMeasure (default maximum measure)
DakotaGroupLanguage (dakota group language) defaultMaximumSphereRadius (default maximum sphere radius)
DakotaLanguage (dakota language) defaultMaximumWidth (default maximum width)
DalecarlianLanguage (dalecarlian language) defaultMeasure (default measure)
DallasTexas (dallas texas) defaultMinValue (defaultMinValue)
DalmatianLanguage (dalmatian language) defaultMinimumHeight (default minimum height)
Dam (dam) defaultMinimumLength (default minimum length)
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