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AwbonoLanguage attends
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AutonomicProcess (autonomic process) approves (approves)
Autonomous (autonomous) approximateDiameter (approximate diameter)
AuvergnatLanguage (auvergnat language) approximateValue (approximateValue)
AuvergneCuisine (Auvergne Cuisine) arableLandArea (arable land area)
AvailableForMilitaryServiceMaleFn (available for military service male) arcWeight (arc weight)
AvalancheProcess (avalanche process) areaOfOperation (area of operation)
AvarLanguage (AvarLanguage) areaOfResponsibility (area of responsibility)
AverageFn (average function) arrested (arrested)
AvestanLanguage (AvestanLanguage) arrestingOfficer (arresting officer)
AveyronCuisine (Aveyron Cuisine) askPrice (ask price)
AvneiHefetzIsrael (avnei hefetz israel) associateInOrganization (associate in organization)
Avocado (avocado) associateWithStatus (associate with status)
AwaCuaiquerLanguage (awa cuaiquer language) associatedFunctionality (associated functionality)
Awake (awake) atTheMoney (at the money)
Awarding (awarding) atomicNumber (atomic number)
AwbonoLanguage attends
AwbonoLanguage (awbono language) attends (attends)
AwjilaSoknaLanguage (awjila sokna language) attitudeForFormula (attitudeForFormula)
AwjilahLanguage (awjilah language) attitudeForObject (attitudeForObject)
AwyuDumutLanguage (awyu dumut language) attorney (attorney)
AwyuLanguage (awyu language) attribute (attribute)
Axle (axle) aunt (aunt)
AyacuchoPeru (ayacucho peru) authors (authors)
Ayatollah (ayatollah) automatedNotification (automatedNotification)
AymaranLanguage (aymaran language) availableBalance (available balance)
AyoreoLanguage (ayoreo language) availableCash (available cash)
Azerbaijan (azerbaijan) average (average)
AzerbaijaniLanguage (AzerbaijaniLanguage) averagePrecipitationForPeriod (average precipitation for period)
AzerbaijaniManat (azerbaijani manat) averageRainfallForPeriod (average rainfall for period)
AzorIsrael (azor israel) averageTemperatureForPeriod (average temperature for period)
AzoyucTlapanecoLanguage (azoyuc tlapaneco language) axis (axis)
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