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AutonomicProcess approves
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AppraisalOfCongruenceWithIdeals (appraisal of congruence with ideals) arrestingOfficer (arresting officer)
AppraisalOfDangerousness (appraisal of dangerousness) askPrice (ask price)
AppraisalOfDesirabilityOfConsequences (appraisal of desirability of consequences) associateInOrganization (associate in organization)
AppraisalOfExpectedness (appraisal of expectedness) associateWithStatus (associate with status)
AppraisalOfFamiliarity (appraisal of familiarity) associatedFunctionality (associated functionality)
AppraisalOfGoalImportance (appraisal of goal importance) atTheMoney (at the money)
AppraisalOfJusticeOfTreatment (appraisal of justice of treatment) atomicNumber (atomic number)
AppraisalOfLoss (appraisal of loss) attends (attends)
AppraisalOfPleasantness (appraisal of pleasantness) attitudeForFormula (attitudeForFormula)
AppraisalOfPredictability (appraisal of predictability) attitudeForObject (attitudeForObject)
AppraisalOfSocialAttention (appraisal of social attention) attorney (attorney)
AppraisalOfSuddenness (appraisal of suddenness) attribute (attribute)
AppraisalOfUrgency (appraisal of urgency of response) aunt (aunt)
AppraisalProcess (appraisal process) authors (authors)
ApprenticeshipTraining (apprenticeship training) automatedNotification (automatedNotification)
AutonomicProcess approves
April (April) availableBalance (available balance)
Apron (apron) availableCash (available cash)
ApumiracPeru (apumirac peru) average (average)
ApureVenezuela (apure venezuela) averagePrecipitationForPeriod (average precipitation for period)
Aqiqah (aqiqah) averageRainfallForPeriod (average rainfall for period)
AquaticMammal (aquatic mammal) averageTemperatureForPeriod (average temperature for period)
ArabBankForEconomicDevelopmentInAfrica (arab bank for economic development in africa) axis (axis)
ArabCooperationCouncil (arab cooperation council) bandwidth (bandwidth of)
ArabCuisine (Arab Cuisine) bankAccount (bank account)
ArabFundForEconomicAndSocialDevelopment (arab fund for economic and social development) baptismdate (baptismdate)
ArabLeague (arab league) baptismplace (baptismplace)
ArabMaghrebUnion (arab maghreb union) barometricPressure (barometric pressure)
ArabMonetaryFund (arab monetary fund) basedIn (basedIn)
ArabelaLanguage (arabela language) batchInterArrival (batch inter arrival)
ArabianSea (arabian sea) batchLatency (batch latency)
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