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MacOSMojave maturityDate
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Lyrics (lyrics) lyricist (lyricist)
M197GatlingGun (M197 Gatling gun) magneticVariation (magnetic variation)
M240 (M240 machine gun) managedBy (managed by)
M242 (M-242 Bushmaster) manner (manner)
M2Browning (M2 Browning machine gun) manufacturer (manufacturer)
M3M (M3M machine gun) mapOfArea (map of area)
M60 (M60 machine gun) marginBalanceAmount (margin balance amount)
MK19 (MK19 grenade launcher) marineInventory (marine inventory)
MNHOrder (MNH order) maritimeClaimType (maritime claim type)
MOCOrder (MOC order) maritimeHazard (maritime hazard)
MUSFile (MUSFile) marketValueAmount (market value amount)
MaAlehMichmashWestBank (ma aleh michmash west bank) massLimit (massLimit)
MacOS (MacOS) material (material)
MacOSCatalina (macOS 10.15) maternalAunt (maternal aunt)
MacOSHighSierra (macOS 10.13) maternalUncle (maternal uncle)
MacOSMojave maturityDate
MacOSMojave (macOS 10.14) maturityDate (maturity date)
MacOSSierra (macOS 10.12) maxCardinality (maxCardinality)
MacOSX10-0 (Mac OS 10.0) maxCylinderVolume (maxCylinderVolume)
MacOSX10-1 (Mac OS 10.1) maxDeviceOperatingTemp (maximum device operating temperature)
MacOSX10-2 (Mac OS 10.2) maxDeviceStorageTemp (maximum device storage temperature)
MacOSXElCapitan (OS 10.11) maxRoomCapacity (maximum capacity)
MacOSXLeopard (Mac OS 10.5) maxValue (maxValue)
MacOSXLion (Mac OS 10.7) maximumPayloadCapacity (maximum payload capacity)
MacOSXMavericks (OS 10.9) maximumPayloadHeightWidth (maximum payload height width)
MacOSXMountainLion (OS 10.8) maximumReplications (maximum replications)
MacOSXPanther (Mac OS 10.3) mealPlanInclusion (meal plan inclusion)
MacOSXPublicBeta (Mac OS X Public Beta) meanSeaLevel (mean sea level)
MacOSXSnowLeopard (Mac OS 10.6) measure (measure)
MacOSXTiger (Mac OS 10.4) measurementReading (measurement reading)
MacOSXYosemite (OS 10.10) meatOfAnimal (meat of animal)
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