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D* D*
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CyclonicStorm (cyclonic storm) criticalityLevel (criticality level)
CydiaPackageManager (Cydia) crossFunctionalTeamFocus (BinaryPredicate)
Cylinder (cylinder) crosses (crosses)
CypriotCuisine (Greek Cypriot Cuisine) currencyCode (currency code)
CypriotPound (cypriot pound) currencyExchangePerUSDollar (currency exchange perUS dollar)
Cyprus (cyprus) currencyExchangeRate (currency exchange rate)
Cytoplasm (cytoplasm) currencyExchangeRateInPeriod (currency exchange rate in period)
Cytoskeleton (cytoskeleton) currencyType (currency type)
CzechCuisine (Czech Cuisine) currencyValue (currency value)
CzechKoruna (czech koruna) currentAccountBalance (current account balance)
CzechLanguage (czech language) currentInterestRate (current interest rate)
CzechRepublic (czech republic) customer (customer)
CzechSignLanguage (czech sign language) customerRepresentative (customer representative)
CzechSlovakLanguage (czech slovak language) customerValue (customer value)
Czechoslovakia (czechoslovakia) cylinderBore (cylinderBore)
D* d*
D-Rating (d- rating) dailyLimit (daily limit)
DCPowerSource (DC power source) dampingRatio (dampingRatio)
DDT (DDT) dataID (dataID)
DNAMolecule (DNA molecule) dataProcessed (data processed)
DNAPolymerase (DNA polymerase) dataStreamSlack (data stream slack)
DNAVirus (DNA virus) date (date)
DOCFile (DOCFile) dateDissolved (date dissolved)
DVD (DVD) dateEstablished (date established)
DVDDrive (DVDDrive) dateOfStatement (date of statement)
DVDSystem (dvd player) dateOpenedForSignature (date opened for signature)
Dachshund (Dachshund) dateUsed (date used)
DagestanRussia (dagestan russia) daughter (daughter)
DahukIraq (dahuk iraq) dayPhone (day phone)
Daikon (Daikon) daylightHoursInterval (daylight hours interval)
DailyHousekeepingPolicy (daily housekeeping) daylightHoursTotal (daylight hours total)
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