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TacanaLanguage telephoneNumber
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SzechuanCuisine (Szechuan Cuisine) systemPart (system part)
T2Toxin (t2 toxin) tTest (t test result)
TBilisiGeorgia (T bilisi georgia) tags (tags)
TDDPhone (TDDPhone) tangent (tangent)
TPFDD (time-phased force and deployment data) targetInAttack (target in attack)
TPFDDFile (time-phased force and deployment data file) task (task)
TTFxFn (TTFx) taskRelation (task relation)
TVRemoteControl (tv remote) taxDeferredIncome (tax deferred income)
TabKey (TabKey) teacher (teacher)
TabaruLanguage (tabaru language) telecomAreaCode (telecomAreaCode)
Table (table) telecomCode2 (telecomCode2)
TableTennis (TableTennis) telecomContactDevice (telecomContactDevice)
TabletComputer (TabletComputer) telecomCoreNumber (telecomCoreNumber)
Tableware (tableware) telecomCountryCode (telecomCountryCode)
Tabun (tabun) telecomExtension (telecomExtension)
TacanaLanguage telephoneNumber
TacanaLanguage (tacana language) telephoneNumber (telephone number)
TacanaProperLanguage (tacana proper language) temporalPart (temporal part)
TacananLanguage (tacanan language) temporallyBetween (temporally between)
TachelhitLanguage (tachelhit language) temporallyBetweenOrEqual (temporally between or equal)
Tachometer (tachometer) tenant (tenant)
TacticalPSYOP (tactical psychological operation) termFormat (term format)
TactilePerception (tactile perception) termLength (term length)
Taekwondo (Taekwondo) terrainInArea (terrain in area)
TagalogLanguage (TagalogLanguage) third (third)
TagargrentLanguage (tagargrent language) thirdPartyProduct (third party product)
Tagiyyah (tagiyyah) thresholdOf (threshold of)
TahaggartTamahaqLanguage (tahaggart tamahaq language) time (time)
TahitianLanguage (TahitianLanguage) titleInLanguage (titleInLanguage)
TaiKadaiLanguage (tai kadai language) titles (titles)
Tail (tail) top (top)
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