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FreePresbyterianChurchOfScotland fleetGrossRegisteredTonnage
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Fox (fox) finalPrice (final price)
Fraelsningsarmen (Fraelsningsarmen) financialAccount (financialAccount)
Fragile (fragile) financialAsset (financialAsset)
FragileEcosystemIssue (fragile ecosystem issue) financialResponseTo (financial response to)
FrancZone (franc zone) finishes (finishes)
France (france) firstInstanceCreated (firstInstanceCreated)
FrancisellaTularensis (francisella tularensis) firstTimeBuyers (first time buyers)
Francium (francium) firstTimeSellers (first time buyers)
FrancoProvencalLanguage (franco provencal language) fiscalYearPeriod (fiscal year period)
FrankfurtGermany (frankfurt germany) fitForMilitaryService (fit for military service)
FreeAtom (free atom) fixedInterestRate (fixed interest rate)
FreeChurchOfEngland (FreeChurchOfEngland) flagDescription (flag description)
FreeChurchOfScotland (FreeChurchOfScotland) flagImage (flag image)
FreeEvangelicalChurch (FreeEvangelicalChurch) flagState (flag state)
FreeMethodistChurch (FreeMethodistChurch) fleetDeadWeightTonnage (fleet dead weight tonnage)
FreePresbyterianChurchOfScotland fleetGrossRegisteredTonnage
FreePresbyterianChurchOfScotland (FreePresbyterianChurchOfScotland) fleetGrossRegisteredTonnage (fleet gross registered tonnage)
FreestandingAmbulatorySurgicalAndEmergencyCenters (freestanding ambulatory surgical and emergency centers) fleetSize (Fleet Size)
Freezer (freezer) floorCode (floorCode)
Freezing (freezing) floorLoan (floor loan)
FreezingRain (freezing rain) flowCurrent (flow current)
FreightCar (freight car) flows (flows)
FreightTransportationArrangement (freight transportation arrangement) follows (follows)
Frelsesarmeen (Frelsesarmeen) forall (forall)
FrenchBasedCreoleLanguage (french based creole language) formOfAdaptation (form of adaptation)
FrenchBasedPidginLanguage (french based pidgin language) format (format)
FrenchCreeMixedLanguage (french cree mixed language) formerName (former name)
FrenchCuisine (French Cuisine) foundingdate (foundingdate)
FrenchFranc (french franc) freeFunctionRoomAmenity (free function room amenity)
FrenchFrancCoin (french franc coin) freePropertyAmenity (free property amenity)
FrenchGroupLanguage (french group language) freeRoomAmenity (free room amenity)
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