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ItalianSignLanguage intelligenceQuotient
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IsleOfMan (isle of man) inflationRate (inflation rate)
IsoCode (IsoCode) inflationRateInCountry (inflationRateInCountry)
IsoLanguageCode (IsoLanguageCode) inflationRateOfConsumerPrices (inflation rate of consumer prices)
Israel (israel) inflationRateOfConsumerPricesInPeriod (inflation rate of consumer prices in period)
IsraeliCuisine (Israeli Cuisine) ingredient (ingredient)
IsraeliShekel (israeli shekel) ingredientAmount (amount of ingredient)
IsraeliSignLanguage (israeli sign language) inhabits (inhabits)
IstanbulTurkey (istanbul turkey) inhibit (inhibit)
Isthmus (isthmus) inhibits (inhibits)
IstriotLanguage (istriot language) initialList (initial list)
IstroRomanianLanguage (istro romanian language) initialPart (initial part)
ItalianCuisine (Italian Cuisine) initiallyContainsPart (initially contains part)
ItalianLanguage (italian language) instance (instance)
ItalianLira (italian lira) instrument (instrument)
ItalianLiraCoin (italian lira coin) insured (insured)
ItalianSignLanguage intelligenceQuotient
ItalianSignLanguage (italian sign language) intelligenceQuotient (intelligence quotient)
ItalicLanguage (italic language) interestEarned (interest earned)
ItaloDalmatianRomanceLanguage (italo dalmatian romance language) interestRatePerPeriod (interest rate per period)
ItaloWesternRomanceLanguage (italo western romance language) interiorPart (interior part)
Italy (italy) internationalDispute (internationalDispute)
ItamarWestBank (itamar west bank) internetCountryCode (internet country code)
ItelmenLanguage (itelmen language) invadingVirus (invading virus)
IteneLanguage (itene language) inventory (inventory)
IteriLanguage (iteri language) inverse (inverse)
ItonamaLanguage (itonama language) involvedInEvent (involved in event)
Ivory (ivory) ipAddressOf (ip address of)
IvoryCoastFranc (ivory coast franc) ipOfDomain (ipOfDomain)
IyojwajaChoroteLanguage (iyojwaja chorote language) irreflexiveOn (irreflexive on)
IyowujwaChoroteLanguage (iyowujwa chorote language) irrigatedLandArea (irrigated land area)
IzmirTurkey (izmir turkey) issuedBy (issued by)
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