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        (instance ?CS1 ?CLASS)
        (subclass ?CLASS CompoundSubstance)
            (exists (?CS2)
                    (instance ?CS2 ?CLASS)
                    (part ?CS2 ?CS1))))
        (molecularRatio ?ECLASS ?N ?CLASS)
        (instance ?G Group)
        (member ?E ?G)
        (part ?E ?CS1)
        (instance ?E ?ECLASS))
    (memberCount ?G ?N))
Cars.kif 1768-1782
(subclass Group Collection) Merge.kif 15036-15036 subclass Group and Collection
(subclass Group Agent) Merge.kif 15037-15037 subclass Group and Agent
(subclass GroupOfAnimals Group) Mid-level-ontology.kif 7193-7193 subclass GroupOfAnimals and Group
(subclass GroupOfPeople Group) Merge.kif 15047-15047 subclass GroupOfPeople and Group
(subclass Organization Group) Merge.kif 15414-15414 subclass Organization and Group
(subclass FileSystem Group) engineering.kif 1333-1333 subclass FileSystem and Group

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