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GeographicArea1300A geographic location, generally having definite boundaries. Note that this differs from its immedi...^
    LandForm44A LandForm is the class of geographically and/or geologically distinct areas that occur on Earth'...^
        UplandArea9An UplandArea is a LandArea elevated above the surrounding terrain.^
        LowlandArea9A LowlandArea is a land area lower than the surrounding region, and usually level land.^
        MountainRange.A MountainRange is a row or chain of connected mountains.^
        Mountain1A Mountain is a high, rocky LandForm, usually with steep sides and a pointed or rounded top, an...^
        Hill1A Hill is a raised part of the earth's surface with sloping sides - an old mountain which because...^
        Volcano2A Volcano in the broadest sense, i.e., a region containing a vent through which magmous and/or py...^
        SlopedArea1A SlopedArea is a land surface which lies at an angle to the horizontal so that some points on it...^
        Plateau.A Plateau is a flat upland area with one steep face, elevated plain.^
        Mesa.A Mesa is a land formation having a relatively flat top and steep rock walls.^
        Butte.A Butte is an Upland raised sharply from the surrounding region. Smaller in area than a Mesa....^
        Valley.A Valley is an area of low-lying land flanked by higher ground. Valleys typically contain a strea...^
        Basin.A Basin is an area of land enclosed or partially enclosed by higher land.^
        Canyon.A Canyon is a narrow valley with steep sides, usually created by erosion.^
        RiverBank.A RiverBank is the ShoreArea adjacent to a River.^
        Delta.A Delta is a LandForm composed of silt or other alluvium, deposited at or near the mouth of a r...^
        Peninsula1A Peninsula is a piece of land that extends into a body of water and is surrounded on three sides...^
        Cape.A Cape is a piece of land projecting into a body of water.^
        Archipelago5An Archipelago is a group of islands.^
        Reef2A Reef is a ridge of rock, coral, or sand at or near the surface of a WaterArea.^
        Glacier.A Glacier is a large body of slow-moving ice. Glaciers displace soil and rock while moving over l...^
        CaveMatrix.A CaveMatrix is the framework of earth or rock in which a Cave is embedded.^
        Seacoast.A Seacoast is the ShoreArea along the margin of an ocean, extending inland approximately 1-3 km...^

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