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Engine24Engine is a subclass of Transducer. Engines are devices for converting some form of energy reso...^
    InternalCombustionEngine20InternalCombustionEngine is the subclass of Engines in which a heat reaction that occurs inside...^
        GasolineEngine.GasolineEngine is the subclass of InternalCombustionEngines that use Gasoline as their resour...^
        DieselEngine.DieselEngine is the subclass of InternalCombustionEngines that use DieselFuel as their resour...^
        ContinuousCombustionEngine.An Engine, such as used in a Rocket where Combustion is continuous, rather than intermittent,...^
        Turbine.An Engine which converts the kinetic energy of a moving Liquid (typically Water) into mechani...^
        IntermittentCombustionEngine15An Engine, such as found in a modern Automobile, in which Combustion is not continuous, as in...^

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