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SymbolicString17The Class of alphanumeric sequences.^
    DigitalData9This term refers to any data that is recorded, displayed, or stored as a string of BinaryNumbers....^
        HypertextLink1A link embedded in one documentation that refers to another document, and can be processed automa...^
        ComputerFile6A collection of bytes stored as an individual entity. All data on disk is stored as a file with an ...^
        Packet.A block of DigitalData used for transmission in packet switched systems.^
        ComputerPath.An instance of ComputerPath is a series of programs that connects input devices, typically sensor...^
        ImageFile6A picture (graphic) stored in a particular coding scheme and stored as a file. Note that this can i...^
        Database1A database is an organized collection of Data that is used for one or more purposes. It is usually ...^
        ComputerReport.A collection of data, presented in a preformatted manner.^
        WebPage3An instance of WebPage is a chunk of DigitalData typically displayed (metaphorically) as one ...^
        WebSite3An instance of WebSite is a body of ComputerData that can be accessed at a specific virtual l...^

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