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BodyPart32A collection of Cells and Tissues which are localized to a specific area of an Organism and w...^
    Organ21A somewhat independent BodyPart that performs a specialized function. Note that this functional d...^
        VocalCords.The vocal cords, are composed of two folds of mucous membrane stretched horizontally across the lar...^
        PlantLeaf.An Organ of Plants whose main purpose is photosynthesis.^
        PlantRoot.An Organ of Plants whose main purpose is twofold, viz. to absorb nutrients from the ground and ...^
        Flower.The reproductive organ of FloweringPlants.^
        SpinalColumn.A flexible column made out of bones called vertebrae. The main function of the SpinalColumn is to...^
        SpinalCord.A cord of nerves that carries impulses to and from the Brain. It is contained within the Spinal...^
        Retina.A membrane that covers the Eye and converts the image formed by the lens of the Eye into neuroc...^
        Lung.A respiratory organ of Vertebrates. Its function is to furnish the blood with oxygen and to remov...^
        Kidney.An Organ that separates urine from other BodySubstances and passes it to the bladder.^
        Spleen.An Organ on the left side of the body that produces Cells that play a crucial role in immune re...^
        Heart.The Organ that pumps Blood throughout the body.^
        Liver.An Organ that secretes bile and serves metabolic functions.^
        NervousSystem.A system in Vertebrates that is made up of the Brain, the spinal cord, nerves, etc.^
        Brain.The seat of the central nervous system.^
        Stomach.A muscular sac that is the principal organ of digestion.^
        Eye.The Organ of sight.^
        Ear.The Organ of hearing.^
        EyeIris.The iris is a thin, circular structure in the Eye, responsible for controlling the diameter and s...^
        Nose.The Organ of Smelling.^
        Breast.The paired Organs which are part of the chests of Primates.^
        Gland3An Organ that removes Substances from the Blood,alters them in some way, and then releases th...^

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