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Process16The class of things that happen and have temporal parts or stages. Examples include extended events...^
    IntentionalProcess35A Process that has a specific purpose for the Agent who performs it.^
        DeployingWeaponOfMassDestruction.Positioning a chemical, biological or radioactive weapon for the purpose of bringing about harm of ...^
        DismantlingWeaponOfMassDestruction.Dismantling a Weapon of Mass Destruction, i.e. destroying the weapon or removing it from active dep...^
        ListOnSite.An IntentionalProcess meant to represent the actions taken to initially list a Weblisting on a ...^
        Evacuation.Emergency evacuation is the movement of persons from a dangerous place due to the threat or occurre...^
        Dodging.Purposely moving one's body in such a way as to avoid being hit by something.^
        Ceremony4An instance of Ceremony is a relatively stylized, highly conventional SocialInteraction, typi...^
        Ducking.Purposely moving one's body downward in such a way as to avoid being hit by something.^
        CriminalAction7Any IntentionalProcess that violates a Law.^
        Commenting.Commenting is an IntentionalProcess where an Agent speaks about a Process it is Looking at....^
        Digging2Any Process of removing or turning over the Soil.^
        Tilling.Any Process of Digging, e.g. breaking and turning over Soil that facilitates Agriculture.^
        Drilling.Any Process of producing a hole in a SelfConnectedObject which involves rotating a long, thin...^
        IntentionalPsychologicalProcess11An IntentionalProcess is a process that can be realized entirely within the mind or brain of an &...^
        RecreationOrExercise6A Process that is carried out for the purpose of recreation or exercise. Since RecreationOrExer...^
        OrganizationalProcess15An IntentionalProcess that involves an Organization.^
        Designing1The spatial analogue of Planning. Designing a Collection of Objects involves determining a ...^
        Ambulating2Any BodyMotion which is accomplished by means of the legs of an Animal for the purpose of movin...^
        Swimming2Any deliberate and controlled BodyMotion through water that is accomplished by an Organism.^
        Guiding14Any IntentionalProcess where the agent tries to direct the behavior of another Object, whethe...^
        Keeping1The Class of Processes where the agent keeps something in a particular location for an extend...^
        Maintaining4The Class of Processes where the agent cares for or maintains the Object.^
        Repairing1The Class of Processes where the agent makes a modification or series of modifications to an ...^
        Poking1The Class of Processes where the agent pierces the surface of the Object with an instrume...^
        ContentDevelopment17A subclass of IntentionalProcess in which content is modified, its form is altered or it is cre...^
        Making9The subclass of Creation in which an individual Artifact or a type of Artifact is made.^
        Pursuing2The class of IntentionalProcesses where something is sought. Some examples would be hunting, shop...^
        Investigating8The class of IntentionalPsychologicalProcesses where the agent attempts to obtain information (...^
        SocialInteraction15The subclass of IntentionalProcess that involves interactions between CognitiveAgents.^
        Maneuver12An intentional move or play within a Contest. In many cases, a Maneuver is a realization of par...^
        Looking.Any instance of Seeing which is intentional.^
        Listening.Any instance of Hearing which is intentional.^
        Modeling1A creative process of creating a model.^
        EngineersSubprocess3a class of subprocesses that are needed to design and operate an engineering system^
        ITProcess2A process performed on a computer by a human operator.^
        UserAction2A UserAction is an action taken by a ComputerUser in interacting with a ComputerProcess.^

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