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Process16The class of things that happen and have temporal parts or stages. Examples include extended events...^
    DualObjectProcess8Any Process that requires two, nonidentical patients.^
        Substituting.The Class of Transfers where one thing is replaced with something else.^
        Transaction1The subclass of ChangeOfPossession where something is exchanged for something else.^
        Comparing.The Class of IntentionalPsychologicalProcesses which involve comparing, relating, contrasting, ...^
        Attaching4A Process where one Object becomes attached to another Object. Note that this differs from ...^
        Detaching2A Process where the agent detaches one thing from something else. Note that Detaching is diff...^
        Combining5A Process where two or more SelfConnectedObjects are incorporated into a single SelfConnected...^
        Separating7A Process where a SelfConnectedObject is separated into (some of) its parts. Note that Sepa...^
        Translating.Converting content from one Language into another. This covers oral translation (i.e. interpretin...^

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