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PureSubstance223The Class of Substances with constant composition. A PureSubstance can be either an element (...^
    CompoundSubstance97The Class of Substances that contain two or more elements (ElementalSubstances) in definite p...^
        ChemicalAgent26Synthetic compounds that are not an analogue of anything occurring naturally and that can result in...^
        Saxitoxin.A class of chemically related neurotoxins that are produced by marine dinoflagellates and carried b...^
        Conotoxin.A class of neurotoxins that are produced by the Pacific cone snails. The lethality of these toxins ...^
        Tetrodotoxin.A Toxin produced by the pufferfish and several other (widely varying) species. The initial sympto...^
        ConjugatedSubstance.A CompoundSubstance that results from the ChemicalSynthesis of two or more CompoundSubstances...^
        OrganicCompound10Any CompoundSubstance that has a Carbon base.^
        ChemicalAcid2A bitter CompoundSubstance that is capable of reacting with a ChemicalBase and forming a Chem...^
        ChemicalBase1A CompoundSubstance that is capable of reacting with a ChemicalAcid and forming a ChemicalSal...^
        ChemicalSalt1A bitter CompoundSubstance that is formed in a chemical reaction of a ChemicalBase with a Che...^
        AtomicGroup.Two or more Atoms that are bound together and comprise part of a Molecule.^
        Water10The Class of samples of the compound H20. Note that this Class covers both pure and impure Wa...^
        Molecule5A molecule is the smallest unit of matter of a CompoundSubstance that retains all the physical an...^
        Barite.Barite is Barium Sulfate occurring as a mineral.^
        Chromite.A mineral that consists of an oxide of iron and chromium.^
        NaturalGas.NaturalGas is a combustible mixture of methane and higher hydrocarbons.^
        Phosphate.Phospate is a salt or ester of a phosphoric acid.^
        Potash.Potash is a Potassium carbonate from wood ashes or a potassium compound.^
        DDT.DDT (dichoro-diphenyl-trichloro-ethane) is a highly toxic insecticide also harmful to most other ...^
        SulphurDioxide.SulfurDioxide is a toxic Gas with a chemical formula of SO2.^
        NitricOxide. NitricOxide is a chemical compound in the state of Gas, with a chemical formula of NO.^
        NitrogenDioxide.NitrogenDioxide is a chemical compound in the state of Gas, with a chemical formula of NO2.^
        CarbonDioxide.Carbon dioxide is a common compound in the Earth's atmosphere, and an essential compound used in th...^
        Alumina.Alumina is the naturally occurring oxide of aluminum which is found in corundum and bauxite.^
        Timber.Timber is wood from trees that is suitable for use for building or other human purposes.^
        IronOre.IronOre is a subclass of CompoundSubstance that contains compounds of iron, of which the most c...^
        ChemicalProduct.ChemicalProduct is the subclass of Product comprising all chemical compounds that are end produ...^
        Cement.Cement is a subclass of CompoundSubstance whose instances may contain various minerals or ores,...^
        Chlorofluorocarbon1A chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) is an organic compound that contains carbon, chlorine, and fluorine, pro...^

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