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Motion368Any Process of movement.^
    WeatherProcess62WeatherProcess is the broadest class of processes that involve weather, including weather seasons...^
        WeatherSeason3WeatherSeason is the class of seasonal processes that are characterized by various weather patter...^
        WeatherSystem6WeatherSystem is the class of large-scale atmospheric processes that influence weather in a regio...^
        WeatherFront4WeatherFront is the class of weather processes that are involve relationships between two air mas...^
        ClearWeather.ClearWeather represents a condition in which less than 30% of the sky is covered with clouds.^
        PartlyCloudyWeather.PartlyCloudyWeather represents a condition in which between 30% and 70% of the sky is covered wit...^
        OvercastWeather.OvercastWeather represents a condition in which more than 70% of the sky is covered with clouds.^
        Wind12Any Motion of Air.^
        DustStorm2DustStorms happen in AridClimateZones or SemiaridClimateZones. They occur when a strong Win...^
        Tsunami.Tsunami is the class of highly destructive ocean waves caused by offshore seismic processes.^
        Drought.Drought is the subclass of WeatherProcess that represents long periods without precipitation, w...^
        Desertification.Desertification is the Process by which fertile land becomes desert.^
        Icing.Icing is the process by which Ice is deposited on a %Solid object in polycrystalline form.^
        Fogging.Fogging is Water droplets or Ice Crystal suspended in the EarthAtmosphere, causes vis...^
        AtmosphericHazing.AtomsphericHazing is a WeatherProcess in which the atmosphere of the area is obscured by fine s...^
        Frosting.Frosting is the Process by which a coating or deposit of Ice Crystals form on the surface o...^
        Storm2Storms occurs in an area where its Atmosphere is dominated by a LowPressureWeatherSystem with...^
        Lightning.A WeatherProcess which involves a significant release of electricity from a Cloud.^
        Thunder.Any instance of RadiatingSound which is caused by an instance of Lightning.^
        Precipitation9Precipitation is the process of water molecules falling from the air to the ground, in either a l...^

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