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PlantAnatomicalStructure117AnatomicalStructures that are possessed exclusively by Plants.^
ReproductiveBody115Reproductive structure of Organisms. Consists of an Embryonic Object and a nutritive/protecti...^
    FruitOrVegetable95Any fruit or vegetable, i.e. a ripened ReproductiveBody of a Plant. Note that FruitOrVegetabl...^
        Coconut.A FruitOrVegetable that is produced by a type of palm and has an edible white meat.^
        Apple.A FruitOrVegetable that has a tart to sweet taste and a spherical shape.^
        DateFruit.A FruitOrVegetable that is produced by the date palm.^
        PearFruit.A FruitOrVegetable that has a thick skin and the shape of a tear drop.^
        Avocado.A FruitOrVegetable that is shaped like a pear and has a dark green skin and a rich meat.^
        Cocoa.Cocoa is the class of powdered PlantAgriculturalProduct derived from cacao beans.^
        TeaPlantAerialPart1TeaPlantAerialPart is the class of all parts of the tea plant from which tea may be made, includi...^

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