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Transaction75The subclass of ChangeOfPossession where something is exchanged for something else.^
    FinancialTransaction74A Transaction where an instance of FinancialInstrument is the subject of the action, and often ...^
        TransactionCollection.A FinancialTransaction which has multiple subProcess which are Buyings, and where both the ...^
        Vending.A FinancialTransaction in which the seller is a Machine^
        Working4Any FinancialTransaction where someone exchanges his/her labor for an instance of CurrencyMeasu...^
        Renting.Giving money to the owner of an Object in exchange for the right to use the Object for a fixed ...^
        CommercialService7Any FinancialTransaction by a CommercialAgent where the aim is to produce a profit.^
        Betting.A FinancialTransaction where an instance of CurrencyMeasure is exchanged for the possibility of...^
        Buying.A FinancialTransaction in which an instance of CurrencyMeasure is exchanged for an instance of ...^
        Selling1A FinancialTransaction in which an instance of Physical is exchanged for an instance of Curre...^
        OpeningAnAccount.An activity of opening a financial account^
        UsingAnAccount2An activity of using a financial account^
        ControllingAnAccount4An activity of controlling a financial account^
        ClosingAnAccount.An activity of closing a financial account^
        Payment5The partial or complete discharge of an obligation by its settlement in the form of the transfer of...^
        Deposit.An Activity of money being transferred into a customer's account at a financial institution.^
        Withdrawal.An activity of money being transferred from a customer's account at a financial institution.^
        Investing.An activity of commiting money or capital in order to gain a financial return.^
        AutomaticTransaction.Transactions which occur through computer networks and which do not require direct management.^
        ChargingAFee7An activity of a fee being charged^
        Call.Exercising a CallOption.^
        Refinancing.Paying off an existing loan with the proceeds from a new loan, using the same property as collatera...^
        AssetAllocation.The process of dividing investments among different kinds of assets, such as Stocks, Bonds, RealEst...^
        Liquidation.The class of events of selling all of a company's assets, paying outstanding debts, and distributio...^
        FinancialDefault.Failure to make required debt payments on a timely basis or to comply with other conditions of an o...^
        StockSplit.Exchange of the number of shares of stock outstanding for a larger number.^
        ExerciseAnOption.An activity when the owner of the the Option contract invokes his rights. In the case of a call, ...^
        FillingAnOrder.Execute an order or buy or sell a security or commodity.^
        OptionStrategy5A collection of buying/selling options whose purpose is to result in an optimal profit for the inve...^
        ShortSale.Borrowing a security (or commodity futures contract) from a Broker and selling it, with the under...^
        StockMarketTransaction2Any FinancialTransaction which involves Stock and which occurs in a StockMarket.^
        Rollover1A tax-free reinvestment of a distribution from a qualified retirement plan into an IRA or other qua...^
        FinancialRequest.A request for financial data sent in order to get a FinancialResponse.^
        FinancialResponse.The response data provided to fulfil a FinancialRequest.^
        ExternalTransfer.A subclass of FinancialTransactions from one FinancialOrganization to another.^
        InternalTransfer.A subclass of FinancialTransactions within one FinancialOrganization.^
        Update.To change data in a file or database^
        Exporting.Exporting is the class of actions in which there is a ChangeOfPossession of goods shipped from ...^
        MuakharSadaq.Delayed dowry: Money or property stipulated upon in the marriage contract which is due to be paid b...^
        MuqaddamSadaq.Advance dowry: Money or property brought by a man to his wife at marriage^

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