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Communication8A SocialInteraction that involves the transfer of information between two or more CognitiveAgen...^
BodyMotion24Any Motion where the agent is an Organism and the patient is a BodyPart.^
    Gesture6Any BodyMotion, e.g. a hand wave, a nod of the head, a smile, which is also an instance of Comm...^
        FacialExpression12Any Gesture whose instrument is the Face.^
        Nodding.Moving the Head up and down or side to side to indicate approval or disapproval.^
        HandGesture2Any Gesture which involves the Hands.^
        Bowing.Any downward motion of the body that indicates respect for or submission to another Agent.^
        Winking.Any instance of ClosingEyes which is intended to express something to someone else.^
        Shrugging.Moving the Shoulders in such a way that the motion is intended to express something to someone el...^

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