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CorpuscularObject880A SelfConnectedObject whose parts have properties that are not shared by the whole.^
OrganicThing569A SelfConnectedObject that is produced by a non-intentional process from an Organism. Note that...^
    OrganicObject540This class encompasses Organisms, CorpuscularObjects that are parts of Organisms, i.e. Body...^
        Miswak.A natural tooth brush in the form of a small branch from the plant 'Salvadora persica', still in us...^
        OrganismRemains1An instance of OrganismRemains is Dead matter of a formerly Living Organism: Plant, A...^
        Fodder4Fodder is the class of OrganicObjects that is used as food for DomesticAnimals.^
        Organism274Generally, a living individual, including all Plants and Animals.^
        AnatomicalStructure259A normal or pathological part of the anatomy or structural organization of an Organism. This clas...^

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