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Artifact1527An Object that is the product of a Making.^
    Device926A Device is an Artifact whose purpose is to serve as an instrument in a specific subclass of ...^
        HomeAppliance39Home appliances are electrical/mechanical machines which accomplish some household functions, such ...^
        CanOpener.A can opener (also known as a tin opener) is a device used to open metal cans.^
        PressureCooker.A pressure cooker is a sealed vessel used for pressure cooking. Pressure cooking is a method of coo...^
        RangeHood.An exhaust hood over a kitchen range.An extractor hood is a device containing a mechanical fan that...^
        RotisserieAppliance.Rotisserie is a style of roasting where meat is skewered on a spit - a long solid rod used to hold ...^
        SandwichMaker.A sandwich maker is used to make toasted sandwiches. It can be either a cooking utensil designed to...^
        SewingMachine.A textile machine used as a home appliance for %&Sewing.^
        Barricade.WN: a barrier (usually thrown up hastily so as to impede the advance of an enemy), they stormed the...^
        InternetAccessPoint3InternetAccessPoint refers to a Device that allows another Device to access and use the Int...^
        TransferSwitch.An electrical switch that switches a load between two PowerSource^
        HeatSealer.A HeatSealer is a machine used to seal products, packaging, and other thermoplastic materials usi...^
        Keyboard1A Keyboard has a set of keys for typing on to transmit data corresponding to those keys or to cau...^
        SpeakerDevice5A Device for projecting sound into a medium.^
        TelephoneCradle.TelephoneCradle is the part of the Telephone that is connected to the TelephoneSystem through...^
        Brake5Any device that is designed to slow and stop the Motion of an object. This include brakes on whee...^
        WearingFrictionSurface2A device designed to cause friction and exhibit a particular process of wear. This includes items s...^
        BrakeRotor.A rotating Metal disc that is pressed upon by a BrakePad to cause vehicle braking.^
        BrakeDrum.A rotating surface that is pressed on by the BrakeShoe.^
        BrakeCaliper.A Device assembly that presses a BrakePad against a BrakeRotor.^
        BrakePedal.A brake pedal is a device inside a vehicle that has the purpose of being pushed to activate the bak...^
        FuelAtomizer2A Device designed to atomize fuel to put into a GasMixture for use in Combustion. In a gas-po...^
        EngineChoke.A device to restrict the flow of Air to an engine, typically when cold, that increases the Fuel...^
        BallBearing.A small Metal Sphere designed for use in applications where it is desirable to reduce friction ...^
        Cam.An eccentric lobe that presses against a valve or level as it rotates.^
        CombustionChamber1Any host of a Hole that is intended to contain Combustion events.^
        Clutch.A Device used to engage and disengage moving parts. It consists of a friction plate and a spring-...^
        EngineConnectingRod.A Device that connects the Piston to the Crankshaft.^
        Distributor.A mechanical Device that is part of an InternalCombustionEngine that sends electric power to th...^
        Drivebelt1A Pliable belt that links two Pulleys^
        GasPedal.A Device that controls the flow of Fuel (which may be Diesel as well as Gasoline) to the ...^
        AutomobileMuffler.A part of an AutomobileExhaustSystem that serves to reduce the amount of noise transmitted from...^
        ExhaustManifold.A junction of several Tubes, which take exhaust Gases from the Engine Cylinders and route t...^
        Gasket2A Device that is designed to allow two imperfect surfaces to mate cleanly, without gaps, and ther...^
        SpeedGovernor2Any Device that is designed to limit the speed of an object under power.^
        GreaseFitting.A grease fitting is a small Device that is designed for use with a GreaseGun, and includes a ...^
        GreaseGun.A Device used to inject Grease through a GreaseFitting or other mechanicm. This includes manu...^
        JumperCable.A Wire with Clamps on both ends, designed for making temporary electrical connections.^
        SafetyDevice12Any Device that is designed to prevent (or lessen the likelihood of) the Injuring of a Human....^
        RockerArm.A Device located in the Cylinder head of a FourStrokeEngine that opens a Valve. It is typic...^
        Rod1Any LongAndThin object that has some structural function in another Device.^
        Wrench3A Device that is designed to apply a rotational force to an AttachingDevice, such as a Bolt.^
        MechanicalTap.A Device for creating a Bolt out of a piece of metal (or other hard material) with a Hole in ...^
        MechanicalDie.A Device for creating a MechanicalNut out of a Rod.^
        Reel.A Device for Keeping something Pliable and LongAndThin in place, typically in a coiled shap...^
        WheelChock.A Device that is designed to keep a Vehicle's Wheels, and thus the vehicle itself, from movin...^
        TireChain.Any web of chains designed to be mounted covering a tire, to increase traction of the tire on soft ...^
        UnpoweredDevice1Any Device that lacks a part that is a power source.^
        VehicleRoofRack.A structure designed to be attached to, or made as part of a RoadVehicle, to which cargo, or carg...^
        Tire3Any Pliable object with a RoundShape that is designed to cover the WheelRim, and provide a ...^
        WheelRim2The rigid portion of a Wheel on a RoadVehicle that is designed to have a Tire that covers i...^
        TireChanger.A Device for putting Tires on WheelRims, or removing them.^
        Lever1Anything which is actually used as a lever, since many things can be used as such, regardless of th...^
        Transducer29A Device which is capable of converting one form of energy into another. Formally, a Twoport th...^
        Aerator.A Device whose purpose is to mix Substances with Air.^
        BrushOrComb3A Device which consists of a handle and bristles and whose purpose is to remove particles from so...^
        MatchDevice.A small stick of carboard or wood that is treated with chemicals that can be easily ignited with fr...^
        WritingDevice1A Device whose purpose is to be an instrument of Writing, e.g. pens, pencils, crayons, etc.^
        SmokingDevice2Any Device whose purpose is Smoking.^
        Toilet.A Device for the disposal of wastes resulting from urination and defecation.^
        Tableware.Devices that are used in Ingesting (Eating and/or Drinking) a meal. This coves dishware, fl...^
        Compass.A Device that indicates the direction of the various DirectionalAttributes with respect to the ...^
        CoolingDevice6A Device whose purpose is Cooling something, e.g. air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, et...^
        HeatingDevice18A Device whose purpose is Heating something, e.g. electric heaters, heat lamps, ovens, stoves, ...^
        RecreationOrExerciseDevice2A Device whose purpose is RecreationOrExercise.^
        Toy4Any Device that hasPurpose of being used for play - that is RecreationOrExercise but not an &...^
        WalkingCane.A Device which has the form of a staff with a handle and which enables some people to walk with g...^
        WashingDevice9Any Device whose purpose is Washing something, e.g. washing machines, dishwashers, bathtubs, et...^
        MaterialHandlingEquipment2MaterialHandlingEquipment is a class of Devices that are equipment used for handling goods and ...^
        OpticalDevice3A Device which enables someone to see something more clearly or with greater magnification.^
        Filter4A Device whose purpose is to remove part of a Mixture that is passed through the Filter.^
        FileDevice.A Device whose purpose is to make something smoother. For example, a nail file is used to even ou...^
        ElectricDevice120A Device that uses Electricity as its primary power source.^
        PowerSource8A source of electrical power.^
        SecurityDevice9A Device whose purpose is to protect people or property from kidnappers and/or thieves.^
        AnimalController.Any Device which is used to control the movements of an Animal or Human, e.g. leashes, reins,...^
        SelfPoweredDevice19SelfPoweredDevice is the subclass of Devices whose action is powered by some kind of on-board c...^
        AnimalPoweredDevice.AnimalPoweredDevice is the subclass of Devices that function with power supplied by animals. Ex...^
        Baton.A thin stick which is used for MusicalConducting.^
        LightFixture12Any Device whose purpose is to be a source of visible light.^
        PaintingDevice.A Device used as an instrument for Painting. Paintbrushes, rollers or sprayers can belong int...^
        VehicleController7Any Device which is used to start, stop or control the movements of a Vehicle. This class cover...^
        Axle.Axle is a class of Devices each of which can be paired with two VehicleWheels to rotate and mov...^
        Screwdriver.A Device that is used to rotate a Screw, which by the action of its helical threads is driven i...^
        Hammer.A Device that is used to pound Nails into a surface, where they become firmly attached.^
        WasherForBolt.A thin plate made of a durable material in the shape of a Circle with a Hole in it, designed to...^
        Holder43A large class of Devices whose purpose is to hold something else, i.e. be the instrument of a &...^
        CleaningDevice.Any Device whose purpose is Cleaning something.^
        Camera1A Device which is capable of Photographing.^
        Chimney.A thin passageway through which Smoke from a controlled fire is conducted Outside of a Buildi...^
        Door.An Artifact that restricts and permits access to a StationaryArtifact (e.g. Building or Roo...^
        Fireplace.A Device in a Building which is used for burning wood, coal, etc for heat.^
        ExplosiveDevice7A Device whose purpose is to explode. Note that ExplosiveDevice is not a subclass of Weapon, ...^
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