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involvedInEvent8(involvedInEvent ?EVENT ?THING) means that in the Process ?EVENT, the Entity ?THING plays some ...^
    patient19(patient ?PROCESS ?ENTITY) means that ?ENTITY is a participant in ?PROCESS that may be moved, sai...^
        dataProcessed.The data being processed during a ComputerProcess.^
        resourceUsed.(resourceUsed ?Process ?Resource) means that the ComputerProcess ?Process has access to the C...^
        detainee.(detainee ?EVENT ?OBJECT) means that in the Confining ?EVENT, the Object ?OBJECT is restrained by f...^
        targetInAttack.This relation identifies the patient in the event that is the object of the attack.^
        experimentalControl.(experimentalControl ?EXPERIMENT ?OBJ) means that the Object ?OBJ serves as a control in the instan...^
        defendant.(defendant ?AGENT ?ACTION) means the LegalAction ?ACTION makes a legal claim against ?AGENT.^
        transported1(transported ?EVENT ?OBJ) means that ?OBJ is transported (carried/moved to a different physical l...^
        controlled1(controlled ?EVENT ?OBJECT) means that during the AchievingControl denoted by ?EVENT, ?OBJECT c...^
        objectTransferred.A relation that specifies the object that is transferred during the process. For example, in a Ma...^
        instrument7(instrument ?EVENT ?TOOL) means that ?TOOL is used by an agent in bringing about ?EVENT and that ?T...^
        resource1(resource ?PROCESS ?RESOURCE) means that ?RESOURCE is present at the beginning of ?PROCESS, is us...^
        result.(result ?ACTION ?OUTPUT) means that ?OUTPUT is a product of ?ACTION. For example, house is a resu...^
        evidence.A relation between a LegalAction and some Physical Object or Process that is used to suppor...^
        witness.A party in a LegalAction who has been the experiencer in some prior event that is evidence fo...^
        victim.The one who is the object of a CriminalAction and suffers its results.^
        defenseLawyer.The representative of the defendant in a criminal case or the respondant in a civil one. The goal...^
        referee.The CaseRole of being a judge or coordinator of a game, as opposed to a player in the game.^
        plays.The CaseRole of being a player of a game, as opposed to a judge or other supporting role.^
        accountUsed.The UserAccount used in a particular Process.^

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