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property26This Predicate holds between an instance of Entity and an instance of Attribute. (property ...^
    attribute12(attribute ?OBJECT ?PROPERTY) means that ?PROPERTY is a Attribute of ?OBJECT. For example, (a...^
        hasMolecularStructuralAttribute.(hasMolecularStructuralAttribute ?MOL ?ATT) means that ?MOL has the attribute ?ATT.^
        hostStatus.(hostStatus ?Computer ?Status) means that ?Status describes the status of the Computer, such as &...^
        musicGenre.(musicGenre ?MR ?ATTR) relates the MusicGenre ?ATTR to the MusicRecording ?MR^
        deviceState.(deviceState ?DEVICE ?STATE) means that the Object ?DEVICE is in the DeviceStateAttribute ?STAT...^
        developmentalForm.(developmentalForm ?OBJECT ?FORM) means that ?FORM describes a stage in the individual maturation...^
        governmentType.(governmentType ?BODY ?FORM) means that the GeopoliticalArea or Organization ?BODY has a gove...^
        organizationalObjective.(organizationalObjective ?AGENT ?FOCUS) means that the Agent ?AGENT has significant aims and co...^
        creditRanking.(creditRanking ?Agent ?Rating) holds if ?Rating is a FinancialRating based on financial analysi...^
        bondRating.A measure of the quality and safety of a bond, based on the issuer's financial condition. More spec...^
        economyType.(economyType ?POLITY ?TYPE) means that the GeopoliticalArea ?POLITY has an economic system of &...^
        hasGUEState.(hasGUEState ?GUIE ?STATE) means that the GUIElement ?GUIE has the GUElementState, ?STATE.^

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