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UserAction81A UserAction is an action taken by a ComputerUser in interacting with a ComputerProcess.^
ComputerProcess84An instance of ComputerProcess is a process which manipulates data in the computer.^
    UserSignifiedAction33A UserSignifiedAction is an action signified by physical action taken by a ComputerUser in inte...^
        ViewItemRequest.A UserSignifiedAction with the subProcess of RequestingHyperLink, where the RequestingHyper...^
        ForceQuit.An action taken by the user to terminate an application in an exception manner, rather than by sele...^
        UserSignifiedGraphicalAction20A UserSignifiedAction that is interpreted as signifying a change in a graphical feature (cursor m...^
        SubmitAction3A SubmitAction is a UserSignifiedAction informing a ComputerProgram to make a user-selected a...^
        InputCharacterString.A UserSignifiedAction providing a ComputerProgram with a character string input. This is often ...^
        SelectingActiveArea2A UserSignifiedAction informing a ComputerProgram that the current GUIElement with the state ...^
        ActivatingUIElement4A UserSignifiedAction causing a program to make a UIElement the ``active'' element. Making an e...^

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