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UnitOfMeasure289A standard of measurement for some dimension. For example, the Meter is a UnitOfMeasure for the...^
    SystemeInternationalUnit29The Class of Systeme International (SI) units.^
        Meter.SI UnitOfLength. Symbol: m. It is one of the base units in SI, and it is currently defined as fol...^
        Gram.Submultiple of kilogram. Symbol: g. 1 kilogram = 1000 Grams.^
        SecondDuration.SI UnitOfDuration. Symbol: s. It is one of the base units in SI, and it is currently defined as f...^
        Ampere.SI electric current measure. Symbol: s. It is one of the base units in SI. It is defined as follows...^
        KelvinDegree.SI UnitOfMeasure used with MeasureFn to produce terms denoting instances of TemperatureMeasur...^
        Mole.SI amount of substance unit. symbol: mol. It is one of the base units in SI. It is defined as follo...^
        Candela.SI luminosity intensity measure. Symbol: cd. It is one of the base units in SI, and it is currently...^
        Radian.SI plane angle measure. Symbol: rad. It is the angle of a circle subtended by an arc equal in lengt...^
        Steradian.SI solid angle measure. Symbol: sr. It is the solid angle of a sphere subtended by a portion of the...^
        Hertz.SI frequency measure. Symbol: Hz. It is the number of cycles per second. Hertz = s^(-1). Note tha...^
        Newton.SI force measure. Symbol: N. It is that force which gives to a mass of 1 kilogram an acceleration o...^
        Pascal.SI pressure measure. Symbol:Pa. It is the pressure of one Newton per square Meter. Pascal = N...^
        Joule.SI energy measure. Symbol: J. It is the work done when the point of application of 1 Newton is di...^
        Watt.SI power measure. Symbol: W. A UnitOfMeasure that measures power, i.e. energy produced or expende...^
        Coulomb.SI electric charge measure. Symbol: C. It is the quantity of electric charge transported through a ...^
        Volt.SI electric potential measure. Symbol: V. It is the difference of electric potential between two po...^
        Farad.SI capacitance measure. Symbol: F. It is the capacitance of a capacitator between the plates of whi...^
        Ohm.SI electric resistance measure. It is the electric resistance between two points of a conductor whe...^
        Siemens.SI electric conductance measure. Symbol: S. In the case of direct current, the conductance in Sie...^
        Weber.SI magnetic flux measure. Symbol: Wb. It is the magnetic flux which, linking a circuit of one turn,...^
        Tesla.SI magnetic flux density measure. Symbol: T. One Tesla equals one Weber per square Meter. T...^
        Henry.SI inductance measure. Symbol: H. One Henry is equivalent to one Volt divided by one Ampere p...^
        CelsiusDegree.A TemperatureMeasure. The freezing point and the boiling point of water are, respectively, 0 Ce...^
        Lumen.SI luminous flux measure. Symbol: lm. It is the amount streaming outward through one solid angle of...^
        Lux.SI illuminance measure. Symbol: lx. It is the amount of illumination provided when one Lumen is e...^
        Becquerel.SI radioactivity measure. Symbol: Bq. It measures the amount of radioactivity contained in a given ...^
        Gray.SI absorbed dose measure. Symbol: Gy. It measures the dose of radiation absorbed in living tissue. ...^
        Sievert.SI dose equivalent measure. Symbol: Sv. It is a unit of biologic dose of ionizing radiation. The ...^
        Kilogram.Supermultiple of Gram. Symbol: kg. 1 Kilogram = 1000 Grams.^

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