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IntentionalProcess829A Process that has a specific purpose for the AutonomousAgent who performs it.^
    SocialInteraction441The subclass of IntentionalProcess that involves interactions between CognitiveAgents.^
        Helping15From WordNet: give help or assistance, be of service. Examples: Everyone helped out during the eart...^
        Ceremony10An instance of Ceremony is a relatively stylized, highly conventional SocialInteraction, typi...^
        PlacingUnderArrest.PlacingUnderArrest is the class of events in which a CognitiveAgent, typically a law enforcemen...^
        ChangeOfPossession99The Class of Processes where ownership of something is transferred from one AutonomousAgent t...^
        ServiceProcess39ServiceProcess denotes the class of events in which one agent performs a service for another. The...^
        Pretending1Any SocialInteraction where a CognitiveAgent or Group of CognitiveAgents attempts to make a...^
        Communication155A SocialInteraction that involves the transfer of information between two or more CognitiveAgen...^
        Cooperation3The subclass of SocialInteraction where the participants involved work together for the achieve...^
        Meeting9The coming together of two or more CognitiveAgents for the purpose of Communication. This cover...^
        Contest110A SocialInteraction where the agent and patient are CognitiveAgents who are trying to defea...^
        Gaslighting.Gaslighting is a colloquialism that is loosely defined as making someone question their reality. Th...^
        Pollution5Pollution is the contamination of an environment by man-made wastes.^
        SoilDegradation.SoilDegradation is a class of processes in which the productive capacity of soil is lowered by ov...^

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