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StationaryArtifact62A StationaryArtifact is an Artifact that has a fixed spatial location. Most instances of this &...^
    Room16A properPart of a Building which is separated from the exterior of the Building and/or other ...^
        Bathroom.A Room that contains a WashBasin and possibly a Toilet.^
        Closet.A relatively small Room used for storage.^
        DressingRoom.Any Room which is intended for ChangingClothing.^
        Kitchen.A Room intended for Cooking.^
        DiningRoom.A Room intended primarily for Eating.^
        Bedroom.A Room intended primarily for sleeping.^
        Classroom.Any Room in a School where education takes place.^
        CourtRoom.Any Room whose purpose is to realize JudicialProcesses.^
        SelfServiceLaundry.SelfServiceLaundry is a Room where a collection of coin-operatend washing machines and dryers a...^
        Solarium.Solarium is a type of Room part of which is made with Transparent material like glass to affo...^
        GameRoom.GameRoom refers to a type of Room that have facilities for Game that can be played^
        Nursery.Nursery refers to a Room for babies^
        SteamBath.SteamBath refers to a room that is filled with Steam in order to make people sweat^
        HotelRoom.HotelRoom refers to a Room that is part of a HotelBuilding that serves as a TemporaryReside...^
        BusinessCenter.BusinessCenter is a type of facility that is equipped with different objects that allow a person ...^
        HotelFunctionRoom.HotelFunctionRoom is a Room found in a HotelBuilding that is rented out and can be used for v...^

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