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Substance460An Object in which every part is similar to every other in every relevant respect. More precisely...^
    Rock7Rock is any naturally formed aggregate of one or more minerals, consolidated or not, with some de...^
        Coal1Coal is a black or brownish black solid combustible substance formed by the partial decomposition...^
        Marble.A metamorphic Rock that is used in Constructing and in creating Sculptures.^
        Stone.A Stone is any small fragment of rock or mineral matter.^
        Pebble.Pebbles are Rock fragments between 2 Millimeters to 64 Millimeters in approximateDiameter...^
        Cobble.Cobbles are Rock fragments between 64 Millimeters to 256 Millimeters in approximateDiamet...^
        Boulder.Boulders are Rock fragments larger than 256 Millimeters in approximateDiameter on the Wentw...^

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