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LandVehicle69LandVehicle is the class of TransportationDevices that travel on land. The two main types of ...^
    RoadVehicle23The class of LandVehicles that are not RollingStock.^
        SelfPoweredRoadVehicle15SelfPoweredRoadVehicle is the class of RoadVehicles that are also PoweredVehicles. SelfPowe...^
        Trailer.Any RoadVehicle that is also an UnpoweredVehicle, and intended to be towed by a PoweredVehicl...^
        TractorTrailer.TractorTrailer is the subclass of RoadVehicles that are truck tractor- truck trailer combinatio...^
        EmergencyRoadVehicle2EmergencyRoadVehicle is the subclass of EmergencyVehicle that includes RoadVehicles designed for sp...^
        MilitaryTank.A MilitaryVehicle that moves along the ground on treaded wheels and that contains a large cannon....^

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