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Substance460An Object in which every part is similar to every other in every relevant respect. More precisely...^
    PureSubstance223The Class of Substances with constant composition. A PureSubstance can be either an element (...^
        HydrophilicLipidHead.The class of heads of molecules that have hydrophilic heads.^
        HydrophobicLipidTail.The class of tails of molecules that have hydrophobic tails.^
        Ion.An electronically charged Atom or Molecule. In other words, a PureSubstance that has lost one...^
        ElementalSubstance119The Class of PureSubstances that cannot be separated into two or more Substances by ordinary ...^
        CompoundSubstance97The Class of Substances that contain two or more elements (ElementalSubstances) in definite p...^
        Defoliant.Defoliant is the class of substances that are used to make plants lose their leaves, typically us...^
        GreenhouseGas.GreenhouseGas is the subclass of substances that, when present in the atmosphere, trap infrared r...^

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