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IntentionalRelation22The Class of Relations between an Agent and one or more Entities, where the Relation requ...^
AsymmetricRelation321A BinaryRelation is asymmetric if and only if it is both an AntisymmetricRelation and an Irre...^
InheritableRelation1652The class of Relations whose properties can be inherited downward in the class hierarchy via the ...^
    PropositionalAttitude6The Class of IntentionalRelations where the Agent has awareness of a Proposition.^
        doubts.(doubts ?AGENT ?FORMULA) means that ?AGENT is unsure about the truth of ?FORMULA, in particular ?...^
        disapproves.(disapproves ?AGENT ?FORMULA) means that ?AGENT has a feeling of antipathy to the state of affair...^
        desires.(desires ?AGENT ?FORMULA) means that ?AGENT wants to bring about the state of affairs expressed b...^
        considers.(considers ?AGENT ?FORMULA) means that ?AGENT considers or wonders about the truth of the proposi...^
        believes.The epistemic predicate of belief. (believes ?AGENT ?FORMULA) means that ?AGENT believes the prop...^
        knows.The epistemic predicate of knowing. (knows ?AGENT ?FORMULA) means that ?AGENT knows the propositi...^

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