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Relation1664The Class of relations. There are three kinds of Relation: Predicate, Function, and List....^
InheritableRelation1652The class of Relations whose properties can be inherited downward in the class hierarchy via the ...^
    Predicate1292A Predicate is a sentence-forming Relation. Each tuple in the Relation is a finite, ordered s...^
        BinaryPredicate1002A Predicate relating two items - its valence is two.^
        TernaryPredicate254The Class of Predicates that require exactly three arguments.^
        QuaternaryPredicate26The Class of Predicates that require four arguments.^
        QuintaryPredicate2The Class of Predicates that require five arguments.^
        LogicalOperator.This Class comprises all of the logical operators (viz. 'and', 'or', 'not', '=>', and '<=>').^

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