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Physical5An entity that has a location in space-time. Note that locations are themselves understood to have ...^
    PhysicalSystem8PhysicalSystem is the class of complex Physical things. A PhysicalSystem may have one or more...^
        TransitSystem5A TransitSystem is a system of interconnected Transitways over which some type(s) of vehicles o...^
        AutoSuspensionSystem.A system, typically consisting of Springs and Shocks that couples the Wheels or Axles of a ...^
        Automobile7Automobile is a subclass of SelfPoweredRoadVehicles including passenger cars, family vans, light ...^
        BrakeSystem.A system, typically consisting of VehicleBrakes, and often a MasterCylinder, BrakeCalipers an...^
        HydraulicCylinder1A Device consisting of a Hole that is the cylinder, and a Piston. Oil is forces into one part...^
        EngineCoolingSystem2A system designed to keep the engine cool (and therefore prevent it from seizing), that may also he...^
        AutomobileExhaustSystem.A part of an Automobile that handles the venting of Exhaust from the Engine. It typically i...^
        AutomobileIgnitionSystem.The system of an Automobile that is responsible for taking power from the Battery, increasing i...^

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