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PhysiologicProcess53A normal process of an Organism or part of an Organism.^
    OrganismProcess25A physiologic function of the Organism as a whole, of multiple organ systems or of multiple Org...^
        Excretion2Excretion is a type of OrganismProcess that discharges waste from tissues, organs or the body^
        RecoveringFromIllness.Any Process where the experiencer recovers from a DiseaseOrSyndrome.^
        Vomiting.The process by which an Organism expells the contents of its Stomach. Although usually involunt...^
        Mating1Any process of sexual intercourse between two Humans or Animals.^
        LayingEggs.Any OrganismProcess where an Egg is expelled from the body of a Animal, e.g. a Bird or Re...^
        Birth.The Process of being born.^
        Death.The Process of dying.^
        Breathing3The Process of respiration, by which oxygen is made available to an Animal. This covers process...^
        Ingesting6The Process by which food is taken into an Animal.^
        Digesting.The Process by which Food that has been ingested is broken down into simpler chemical compounds...^
        Replication2The Process of biological reproduction. This can be either a sexual or an asexual process.^

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