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Destruction21The subclass of Damagings in which the patient (or an essential element of the patient) is ...^
    Killing10The subclass of Destruction in which the death of an Organism is caused by an Organism. Not...^
        Execution.Killing of a Human by a Government for the commission of a CriminalAction.^
        Suicide.Any instance of Killing where the agent and the experiencer are identical.^
        Murder.Impermissible Killing of a Human.^
        Suffocating1Killing someone by asphyxiation, i.e. by depriving them of Oxygen.^
        Starving.Killing someone by depriving them of food.^
        Lynching.A lynching is a form of Killing conducted under a thin guise of legitimacy by a vigilante group. ...^
        SuicideBombing.A bomb attack in which the bomber intends to blow himself up during the course of the attack. The b...^
        Poaching.Poaching is the illegal killing of non-human animals.^
        UdhiyahRitual.A ritual in which a lamb is killed as sacrifice on the day of The Greater Eid (Eid Aladha).^

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